Community Guidelines
Grapevine is committed to building a helpful, constructive, respectful, and safe community. We want our platform to be a place where people can have informed conversations that lead to positive outcomes for our users and industries.
Violence, harassment, and other forms of harmful behaviour can create an environment where people feel unsafe and unwelcome, discouraging people from expressing themselves and diminishing the value of the Grapevine Community. Therefore, our moderation team works around the clock to ensure safety on our platform.
To ensure that Grapevine is a positive, productive, and vibrant community where everyone can share their thoughts, we are sharing our community guidelines. These guidelines are designed to help us create a space where everyone feels safe, welcome, and respected. We believe that by working together, we can create a community where everyone can be heard and contribute to meaningful conversations.
We update our guidelines regularly to help make sure every user in the Grapevine community continues to feel safe and welcome. Please check this document regularly to stay up-to date with our Policies.
Good practices we encourage
The following practices maintain constructive and helpful conversations in the community:
Maintain a calm and respectful tone throughout your argument
Avoid using inflammatory language, insults, or derogatory remarks about individuals or groups.
Focus on actionable solutions
Instead of dwelling or ranting solely on the problems, offer constructive solutions or ways to disengage.
Back your posts with details
Support your argument with credible details, data, examples or evidence. This adds weight to your position and helps prevent the argument from becoming emotionally charged.
Know When to Disengage
If a discussion becomes unproductive or hostile despite your efforts to maintain a constructive tone, it's okay to disengage from the conversation and report such instances to us.
Get verified
Getting verified help trust your word more. To publish content on sensitive topics, we can ask you to get verified.
Take it with a pinch of salt
It’s the internet. We ask you to trust but verify if any content you come across on Grapevine is factual.
Practicing anonymity with accountability
Anonymity empowers open discussion in online environments. However, this freedom can also be abused, leading to real negative consequences. Please be aware of your intent and behaviour on Grapevine.
We are a growing anonymous platform and encounter new challenges each day. Our moderation team has the final say on any content that comes up on Grapevine.
Maintaining a positive and helpful environment
We do not tolerate the following:
No bullying or harassment
Bullying and harassment are not tolerated on Grapevine. This includes, but is not limited to, any behaviour that is intended to intimidate, shame, or disparage other people, such as the following:
  • Violence: Users threatening, inciting, glorifying, or expressing any desire for violence or harm against others will not be tolerated.
  • Abuse / Harassment: Users sharing abusive content or engaging in the targeted harassment of other persons or users will not be tolerated.
  • Hateful behaviour: Users cannot attack people on the basis of race, ethnicity, caste, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, age or disability.
  • Trolling: Users are prohibited from making abusive statements with the intention of derailing discussions or provoking negative responses from other users.
No misinformation
Users may not post any content that amounts to misinformation. While there is no defined manner of defining misinformation due to the constantly changing nature of information, misinformation that is likely to contribute to risk of physical harm is strictly forbidden. Moreover, misinformation likely to cause serious harm and damage to reputation and character, with malicious intent, is strictly forbidden. Grapevine has the sole authority to decide what is considered misinformation on the platform.
No NSFW Content
Users may not create or share NSFW content, including pornography. Any unwarranted advances on users will not be tolerated.
Maintaining privacy
We do not tolerate the following:
No revealing personal or sensitive information
We do not tolerate users naming themselves or other individuals regardless of positive or negative intent. Only famous individuals can be name if it’s without any defamatory / malicious intent towards them. Sharing or posting of other persons’ personal or sensitive information, including but not limited to their contact information, addresses, or financial information amounts to “doxing” and is prohibited on Grapevine.
No company secrets
Grapevine prohibits the sharing of any secret or non-public information that users may be privy to about companies, employers, or organizations which may grant these entities a competitive advantage. While Grapevine encourages open and meaningful conversations and discussions, these conversations should not come at the expense of the legitimate business of these entities. The right to determine what constitutes as a violation lies solely with Grapevine.
Follow the law
Users must stay compliant with the applicable local, national and international law. Illegal content is liable to be removed. There is zero tolerance for sexual content, especially relating to children or minors. Moreover, the following content is specifically not tolerated on Grapevine:
  • Violations of intellectual property rights
  • Copyright infringements
  • Defamatory content
  • Fraud and harassment
  • Deliberately repetitive content
  • Excessively personal content
  • Content that violates Grapevine’s Terms  or  Privacy Policy
  • Unsolicited advertisement or spam
  • Content that promotes stereotypes and slurs
  • Any other violations of laws in your local jurisdiction, country or international laws
No impersonation
Impersonation of other employees, employers or users through any means to mislead others with regard to your identity.
No non-consensual content
We do not tolerate any photos, videos, or manipulated content of persons that are produced or distributed without such persons’ consent.
Help us by reporting content
If you see any behaviour or content that is against the Community Guidelines or something that makes you feel unsafe you can report it by writing to [email protected] or by tapping on the “3-dot menu” of any comment or post and tapping on the report button.
How do we moderate content?
If any content or behavior of users of Grapevine is flagged, the following actions can be taken against them:
  • Warnings may be issued to users that such content or behaviour is not appropriate on Grapevine and the continued posting of such content or such continued behaviour may lead to harsher consequences, including but not limited to a temporary / permanent ban from usage of the Platform.
  • Flagged content found to be violative of the policies of Grapevine shall be removed. The Grapevine moderation team has the sole discretion to remove content from the platform.
  • Accounts of users found to be violative of the rules and policies of Grapevine may be suspended, temporarily or permanently. Users with repeated warnings are highly likely to get their accounts suspended, while content or behaviour found to be highly malicious, dangerous, in violation of law, or in violation of Grapevine’s zero tolerance rules may be immediately suspended.
  • Grapevine is a growing platform with new challenges everyday and the moderation team’s decisions are considered final. However, users may write to Grapevine at [email protected]  if they are dissatisfied with any action taken against them.
Contact Us
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